New Mac User Here, Does OS X Have Spyware Like Win 10?

I am posting in the Mac forums it seems to me if posters are hostile to Apple then why are they here? Not one person has supplied any links to studies or articles that shows or even intimates that OS X hardcodes privacy violations into its systems like win 10 has, no one.

All person have done is vomited up their tired anti-Apple garbage for which I have zero tolerance and will not indulge. I posted a specific question in a Mac forum and it seem "folks" i.e. one dude, can't just stay away from the butthurt applicator!

Not my problem. I consider my question resolved and any moderator plz lock the topic, thank you.

Please and get off the Mac forums while you're at it thx.

I think I want a refund.
Just because there's a section about a certain OS it by no means makes this a Mac forum and doesn't make the people on the tek forums here just to bash apple but there sure as hell are people here who prefer linux.
Fact is you've posted on a tiny part of a huge forum yet everyone sees the post even in the little known and cobwebbed corners of the forums so don't be too surprised when others turn up.
There's a section about coffee too, if I go there to the "coffee forum" and someone who prefers tea starts to post on my thread are they there to kick up shit about coffee being superior? Nope.
All someone did was give you pure fact, unadulterated fact which is now linux propaganda?
All he did was try to provide reasoning as to why some OS's appear more vulnerable in a particular source.

In many ways apple pioneered user privacy invasion.

This one was my favorite:

Remember how Apple added GPS without having GPS chips? They had (partially) "crowdsourced" location data for wifi mac addresses and phone location data. By combining all the data from every wifi network your phone had ever seen along with some cars that drove around logging gps coordinates and wifi networks that could be seen, they were able to have a kind of GPS. Genius, really:

Does that rise to the level or privacy invasion? The surreptitious log of everywhere you've ever been kinda sucks. It was just a plain text file. By the way, it's still there just encrypted now. It's neat how there wasn't a lot of outrage about this when it happened but now Microsoft is doing the exact same stuff and they're the bad guys... what?

Spotlight's internet integration is much more invasive than canonicals ever was in Ubuntu, and it's off by default. Distros like Debian have gotten seriously bent out of shape over relatively minor things like (IIRC) chromium shipping with a microphone module that downloaded a blob from google in order to do voice recognition.

There is simply not a commercial disincentive for Apple to mine your data, same as everyone else. That commercial motivation is just not there with Linux distributions like Debian.

iCloud is the ultimate datatrove that can be mined. We'd have no way of knowing it is being mined.. but the fact that Apple has been caught tracking people's locations regardless of their location settings as in the 2013 incident certainly signals they are no white knight.

Historically Microsoft has been fairly well behaved here, but I think the commercial gains are too much to ignore now and so we are where we are. The appstore is another place where apple is gathering a lot of telemetry from installed apps and app usage habits.

It's hard to know how bad the spying really is with all of these platforms. I do think that OS X has slipped dramatically in terms of platform integrity since about OS X 10.5 owing to Apple assigning the best engineers to squeeze more performance out of devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Maybe apple would be worth the price premium if they truly acted in the best interests of the users. If that were the case, iCloud would be fully encrypted and unreadable to even Apple. Especially iMessage and FaceTime should be this way. We know they're not from Snowden leaks, though. So that's another black mark against apple that puts them in the same boat as most commercial software vendors.

Not to make excuses, but maybe commercial software has to be this way? Certainly we've seen commercial companies, like Lavabit, that have tried to come up with products that offer cloud storage and cloud email in a way that they don't know what the contents are, but then some funky things happen with national security letters and all of a sudden back doors have to be engineered in? I'm oversimplifying, but that whole mess is just another push toward an open source OS.


iOS != OS X

You might wanna put that as reply to him not me :3

The two are closer than you realize; they share a lot of code. The UI kits are different, but iOS was born of OS X and a lot of the underling functionality on iOS has been merged into OS X. Are you making the argument that OS X, an apple operating system, is somehow immune to the same types of spying that is in iOS, another apple operating system closely related to OS X? Please do regale us with your reasoning..

Just a side thought on that last paragraph,
Still planning the whole move away from google / gmail / personal email server thingy?

I have, ages ago, just have to document it. will probably demo a setup with but not enough hours in the day. if you're in a hurry check out yunohost


Would love to see an in-depth Owncloud and personal private Email server tutorial. When you have time. If you don't I could.prob find it somewhere else. Heard Hilary Clinton knows all about it



Microsoft probably thinks I search for "a n a l" sites every day because I do type that browser query every day, and then press Key.Down to highlight Google ANALytics from the dropdown.

On a recent tech event I have talked to a guy that is working for a big data mining company. To sum up the conversation: data buyers do not care about desktop users. Today everybody has a smartphone and majority uses them more than computers. The data buyer can order something like a "profile of users who go to a bar after a watching a game in Barclays Center". You need a rich data to provide those sorts of queries. Think about what marketable advantage could someone get from PC user's habits? You and I might have 5% of PC programs/settings or whatever in common and no statistician could do anything with that.

Windows, Apple and Google definitely have telemetry, collect what functions are used and how often. I believe most collect text and voice input to build a dictionary to have what word most likely follows which word to improve prediction; which words are manually edited after voice input, most misspelled words, etc, to improve prediction. Do you consider it spyware? Is that a personal personal data? Microsoft at least lets you turn most of those things off. I think it is the amazing move Microsoft added this feedback tool. When I heard from their team how hard it is to organize that manually submitted feedback data even with machine learning, I would be surprised that anyone would care about unorganized bit you flipped in a petabyte of data they already have.

You should know better. Thats a terrible chart that attempts to try and make windows look good, you shouldn't use it.

Wendells posts is pretty on point I think.

OSX may not have as much monitoring on the OS layer but it more than makes up for it in the app side of things, something you cant really get away from with apple and the way they build their ecosystem.