New Mac rehab video?


TL;DR: I want to build a computer that is great for Photoshop/Adobe Creative, preferably without giving an arm and a leg to google (EDIT: Apple, not google. sorry!). Will there ever be another hardware video about Mac?

I have SEVERAL friends who rely, professionally and academically, on Adobe Creative stuff (Photoshop, AfterEffects, that sort of thing). A friend of mine bought a MacBook and is very happy with it. For $3000 I’m surprised it doesn’t cook him dinner.

I would like to build a Hackintosh/rehab an old Mac to make working with the systems as painless as possible.


I am confused.

What has google to do with that?

Because you want to, or because you need it for special software? Adobe CC runs on windows too you know?

I am not quite sure what to make of your question, please elaborate.


Sorry, I meant to say Apple.

I don’t use the software myself, I know it runs on Windows as well, but I would like to know a bit more about what hardware combination gives me the greatest performance (as an example: If I buy the 2080Ti, will it make working in Photoshop faster than if I allocate the same amount of money into the CPU/SSD area?).

I recall Wendell’s Mac Rehab video where he rebuilt a Mac Pro with Xeon processors to make it a native MacOS environment for graphical work (which I would be looking for if I’m building a computer for, say, a cousin who learns with MacOS at school). Building a hackintosh is certainly possible, there are manuals, but so far I’ve found them extremely confusing (x86something manuals in particular).

I’m sorry about my question being very unclear, I read it again after myself and boy, oh boy…

Is there a particular reason why you want to use MacOS vs Windows for the adobe software?

Reason I ask is because not only would you have to locate a Mac Pro and pay for it then you’d have to buy more hardware for an already outdated hardware platform.

A hackintosh would get you more modern hardware but it’s not supported and updates might be a pain. I do think it’s improved but I’ve been out of the hackintosh scene for a few years now so I’m not sure where to start.

Well, not particularly, although I HEARD (yes, word of mouth from a friend) that his Adobe Creative passes unsaved projects on to other programs in the suite. I’m not sure if Windows versions do that as well. Like he opens a photo in AfterEffects and after opening Photoshop, he can open the same “buffer” (for lack of a better word) and edit the same file in two programs at once.

So far, I have been popped on the fence on one thing:

  1. I don’t need MacOS

Still, I think it’d be nice to get a closer look into what the caveats of this software are, since I heard there are SOME features that use the GPU and some that only use the CPU, making hardware choice a tad less free.

If you’re really concerned on use of MacOS and it’s for professional work I’d say buy a Mac.

Unless someone else comes out and says weather or not a hackintosh is a good solution I can’t attest to it.

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I agree.

It can work when you pick your hardware carefully. However, there is always Apples sword of Damocles hanging over you.

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@FaunCB hackintosh thread.

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Everything you can do on osx creative cloud you should be able to do in the windows version. In terms of hardware options if your focus is Photoshop then ram and hdd/SSD along with fastest processor are the big things. But if you are using preimere or aftereffects then you will also need a beefy graphics card.

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Quin was talking in his last video what does and does not work on a modern hackintosh. He also listed his hardware in the notes.

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Start with tonymac’s website and do some research. Its not hard to build a hackintosh anymore. Even put osx on a laptop. Mostly dsdt ssdt bs you have to deal with.