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New Linux user looking for search tool similar to "Everything"

I’m looking for a search tool similar to “Everything” for Windows. Commands entered in terminal mode won’t do what I need; it needs to be a graphical tool.

If you haven’t used it, what Everything does is displays ALL files on your system, on ALL drives, unless you’ve excluded drives/folders. It basically uses an index of files, and file system changes are immediately reflected. So, you start it, and EVERYTHING is displayed, and you can scroll through all the files on your computer. As you type in the search field, entries drop out of the display that don’t match the search. Word order doesn’t matter, separators don’t necessarily matter, but in some cases they do. Using a space for instance will pretty much allow any separator between words to be accepted and won’t be removed from the results. It’s instantaneous. and is the best search tool I know of, and the most versatile. It’s very much like the search box for windows, limited to files, but since it’s an app, the display area functions much better than a typical search bar display, since you can easily scroll through it, even if it’s millions of files, and it shows the same attributes that you would see if using a file explorer, such as file size, data last changed, file type, location, etc… Also since it’s an app, you can minimize it while doing something else and then go back to it and it’s still showing files based on the search string you entered.

It allows for immediate actions from the display area, the same way you would be able to do from a file explorer, such as right clicking for a context box to be able to take actions, or double clicking on the item to open.

I don’t expect for there to be a tool exactly like it for Linux, but something similar would be very helpful. Thanks for any suggestions

I use Recoll for that (

I’m pretty sure it does everything you’re asking for with the added flexibility that it comes with API/CLI tools so you can easily create scripts to search the database for automation or create your own front end / incorporate Recoll search functions into a different app etc.


THANKS! I’ll be checking that out. It’s pretty hard to explain “Everything” to a person who’s never used it.