New linux desktop enviornment advice


I am working on a project to make anew desktop environment that is fundamentally different from the way we currently do things. I will be using turbo vnc and virtual gl and the software stack will be hosting desktop environments to users through a web browser. Users would launch heavy programs like cad software that way and it would run as if it were a program being run in a web browser. This is where the community comes in! I feel like for the average user who is not technically inclined (at least into computers and operating systems) would not want to see another desktop where they have to find the program and launch it that way. I think that of users had a more look then it would be easier. But what do you think? Any feedback is helpful (even if it is to tell me that my idea sucks) I don't know really where to start. Would it be easiest to fork gnome,mate, or xfce? Or would it be easier to just piece everything together myself like Gary's mod? Just taking my favorite assets from each one? Please upload pictures documentation graphs memes and what not I really hope to hear back.



Hmm... So something like ChromeOS? running a resource heavy application like CAD per say is where the hardship comes in, although I would assume running them in a container [Snapd / Flatpak] with the necessary dependencies could work in theory...

Not a great developer here, but that kind of sounds like Electron to me as well. Am I way off there?

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Kind of !? In a way I guess. I more so think the OP want to run an environment where the "Browser is the desktop" kind of/sort or?!

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The way I see it that that a chrome book would be able to connect to this vnc service through a web browser (the trick is not making that apparent to the end user) and then could run resource intensive tasks or programs like Siemens Nx on a remote server and they would just see the pretty pictures and it would take their keyboard and mouse input and send it back to the server. Ots a way of tricking the end user into thinking that the program is running the browser where it is not it is running on a remote server and you are seeing the results of the work. I have this working right now (granted I have a lot of work to do to make it better) but it works none the less. In a few days I will be moved into my college dorms and I will pit the website back up if any of you are interested in poking around. I want to make a solution that helps trick the user into abstraction and I am looking for input

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I'm not really a desktop application programmer, but I think forking a major project like gnome, mate or xfce without a great team is not going to work.

For running heavy applications on remote virtual environments I think seamlessrdp or similar would be better than application on a browser.

However if you want really on the browser perhaps Guacamole is what you want ?!?

Maybe if you specify a few specific scenarios other may have better ideas.

There are already cloud providers for this, Solid Edge, Onshape and Fusion just to name a few.

Anyone that needs to spend between $6000 and $30,0000 for NX variants has beefy enough hardware not to worry about "intensive tasks".

An example of this is college students. People in my campus have to have Nx to do their homework if they are a mechanical engineer. The school provides the licenses but the student needs a laptop or desktop powerful enough to deal with it. Most students are broke and have either old laptops or chrome books. I am looking to make a solution that can run in the schools server room where students can connect as clients and vnc into the server to get the application to run as if it was on the client machine tricking the every day student that doesn't understand really how computers work all they know is they logged in through this webpage and now they have NX or an equally as annoyingly heavy programs in the browser.

Those programs you listed are great but the solution I am looking to create will allow any program to be run on this environment including NX and other programs that don't have cloud variants

Why not just vnc into a traditional desktop? Isn't this what your idea is, but web based vnc? Or are you wanting to basically stream the front end programming to the end terminal desktop? In which case a web browser probably won't cut it.

If it's the latter you might look at virtual box seamless mode, and look at implementing something like this but to stream a program to the desktop.