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New linux build, feedback appreciated!


I’ve been looking at building a PC for quite some time now, and I think that I’ve finally finished picking my parts and am just about ready to build it. However, I wanted to get some feedback on the system I will potentially be building. There aren’t any peripherals on that list, because I already own a monitor, mouse and keyboard. I use those for when I’m not on the move with my laptop.

I plan on running either Mint or Ubuntu, so Linux compatibility is a thing. Dual-booting into windows or running it through a VM will come later (adding another GPU w/passthrough is the long-term plan). I plan on using the rig for some gaming (DOTA, Diablo, RPGs, and Indie titles), Photoshop, and occasional video editing (just for kicks).

Here is my current build, if you think that I should get one component over another or wait on a newer version (e.g. Ryzen 2) the feedback would be much appreciated.


If you want a ryzen build, then I would definitely wait for ryzen+ or 2 or what ever they want to call it.


If you can wait, I really wouldn’t build/buy a computer of any sort for the next couple months.


We are close to Ryzen+ and new 400 series MB chipsets. May be worth waiting and buying the new parts or the old parts with the price drops that come.


As wiith the others I might wait on ryzen2. Also please don’t run mint they purposely run out of date.


Will be waiting on the Ryzen 2, also thanks for the tip on running Mint. I had used it once when trying out different distros and ended up liking it. Guess I’ll stick to Ubuntu


If I were you I would wait it out to get R2 and for Ubu 18.04 to drop (in april). You will be really well off by then.


I highly recommend waiting for prices on GPUs to drop. The price hike they took because of crypto miners has been ridiculous. Thankfully, BTC and other coins have been plummeting. Because of this, you can expect a lot of graphics cards of still very good quality to appear on the market. In the next couple months, or maybe even sooner, check around on Craigslist and eBay for some goodies.


I 100% concur! My GTX 1070ftw is currently over twice as much. i think the worst price i saw was 1200$ and the best was 889$. (note Canadian prices). I paid 500$ for the one I have, which i bought 1 month before L1T review on ASRock x370 taichi. So ya… wait is a good idea.