New life to an old PC

So hopefully in the coming weeks I'll start building my new PC, and It got me thinking what I should do with my soon to be old PC. Well my current PC is around 4 years, still game pretty good but I feel it's lacking something. So i'm thinking of upgrading some parts of the PC. Depending on the outcome I might consider this as my secondary rig or make it a Linux base PC.

PC current specs are. (eye balling)

CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T

Mobo: Gigabyte AM3

GPU: XFX Radeon HD 6790

Cooling: Stock Heat sink

Ram: 8GB (2x4GB)

HDD: 1TB WD Green

PSU: some generic PSU 680W

So I was thinking of changing the GPU and the god awful CPU fans. For the heatsink i was thinking of NH-D14 but I don't know which GPU i should get for the Phenom II x6 because of the bottlenecking issue. I saw a build that has an R9 280X and i thought is that even possible? If not maybe you guys can offer me the best GPU that this CPU can handle.

Open to any advice and suggestions. Thanks!

you could get ahead of the game and make a game capable htpc. With game streaming it will allow you to play on your tv with a wireless mouse and keyboard. 

Yea sounds good, I already got the wireless mouse and keyboard covered too. But the thing is, I want to upgrade the PC 1st before deciding what to do with it.

Thanks for the suggestion!

One thing you can do to the pc is change the vid card to an Nvidia one so you can do GameStream to your android device using an app called Limelight so you can do both pc to pc and pc to android streaming. You could also make it into a gaming pc for older games. Install Windows XP and your basically golden on it. Make it into a server? You have the processor for it.

Yea I don't really mind changing the GPU to either Nvidia or an AMD. I'm only having difficulty choosing what GPU to get cuz im pretty sure the newer GPU will just bottleneck the CPU and I don't know which GPU is suitable for the CPU.

Hmm a server huh sounds pretty good.

If you're just gaming and doing conventional things on your PC - I highly suggest that you don't buy a whole new PC and just buy an R9 285 or an R9 280x as a final GPU upgrade for your current system, possibly anything faster than the GPUs I mentioned will cause a bottleneck in your rig. Couple the CPU with a better cooling solution like a Noctua NH-D14 will do you good if you're planning to overclocking (make sure your RAM doesn't interfere with the CPU heatsink). The AMD Phenom ii X6 do trade blows with the AMD FX 6100 and 6300 - I also found this video of the AMD FX 6100 tradings blows with the Core i7 3770k in gaming:

yea I get you but i really want to build a new faster one. Thnx for answering my GPU question, actually surprise that the phenom II X6 can handle up to an R9 280. So yea I'll probably gonna make this build an Game capable HTPC like kevinheinrich said or an server too from Nightfire37. 

Thanks sardines

Thanks guys I'll probably start upgrading this PC some time after building the new one. At least I know what to get and what to do with it now.


Thanks again!

Dude that processor really will bottleneck, maybe upgrade that to like an i3 or a newer athlon? Also I really wouldn't recommend a high end amd gpu simply because of how power hungry they are. Your PSU is unbranded so yeah... Why not upgrade the CPU and the GPU? 

+1 that's actually a pretty darn good idea!

I know its an old CPU. I was only looking for a new life/ purpose for the soon to be old PC cuz I will be building a new one soon and I don't really want to upgrade theCPU.1st if i want to upgrade the CPU to either Intel or AMD I'll need to change to mobo as well as the current mobo only supports up to AM3 socket and obviously an Intel CPU won't work it in. 2nd its a waste of money the CPU still runs awesomely and all this time of using it, I haven't overclocked it yet so buying a better heat sink would be a better investment and last Its not gonna be my main rig i dont want to spend to much in it.

Also I know that this old CPU is most likely gonna bottleneck any high end GPUs in the market right now. So thats why Im asking which GPU I should get that would be compatible with the CPU.

So yea :D

if you want a little instant speed boost (not in games but for general system speed) slap an SSD in there

Okay I have three ideas, three ideas count 'em, idea the first: What you do is you bump the GPU on your current rig slightly and it keeps you at max or close for another year. Then you go Ken Hamm on a new PC and get the absolute max all the time from there on out, retire the old PC as a HTPC, streaming, Steam Streaming all Linux monster.

Idea the Second: same as the first but no GPU bump, just carry on till you really, REALLY want to upgrade.

Idea the Third: Buy the biggest damn GU you can find, 295x2 or something equally crazy, to hell with bottlenecks. Store the old GPU away safe. Then you live on for X amount of time gaming at better quality and accumulate new parts for a PC over a reasonable time frame. Never spending tons, waiting for deals, it will take about a year. The when you have everything you you take your monster GPU, transfer it to to new PC. BOOM no more bottleneck and a new high end PC for cheap enough. Put the old GPU back into the old PC carry on with above HTCP/streaming ideas.

that last idea is epic

you could just get taht noctua nh d14 and to really good OC, then you'll have no cpu bottleneck and save untill for next yea or even 2016, when amd will come up with zen!

I got that covered in my new build. 

Yeap that last idea is soo epic and I really liked it. But the thing is I live in Hong Kong so those price drop or those specific sales you (Black friday and etc) guys got in the US doesn't apply to me. The only time we have a computer event or sale is during the annual computer festival which i missed because of work last August. Nonetheless we kinda enjoy a somewhat lower prices than you guys got. So I should be alright and my plan is to hopefully build a new comp by next month so yea :D

I would give it to a friend with no gaming pc , I have friends running dell intergrated graphics laptops and trying to play cs with me ...

If all of your friends have a gaming pc , then do as suggested above ! You will be happy with it .

Yea all my friend has their own computers so yea :D