New laptop

i'm thinking of buying a new laptop in a couple months, and i saw the new zenbook ux305, but there's a problem.

i don't know if i want the 1080p version or the UHD version. both are IPS but the UHD costs 100-150$. i really would like some input here

I believe the UHD version also comes with the slightly more powerful Core M 5Y71, as opposed to the 5Y10 in the 1080p version.

no it doesn't unfortunately. it also has the 5y10 in

Weird. They're changing the models a lot between regions.

This one in Australia has a 5Y71, but less RAM.

depends really what you want to use it for ...
if you do video editing or CAD drawing or Photoshop, then go for the higher resolution.
If you want to use it mainly for games... the mobile graphics chip will be to weak for high res gaming

I'd disagree.

With a laptop that small, UHD has a bit of a problem in Windows with scaling. I use SolidWorks and Photoshop regularly, and 1080p is plenty.

It'll also put less strain on the Intel graphics, maybe giving you a bit more battery life.

you may be right there, didn't think about scaling ^^

thank for the response. i never use the laptop for heavy photoshop and cad use. i'll just use microsoft office and will mainly watch films and browse with it.

basicly what i want to know is, if i'm just using that workload will the QHD+ version be worth it ?

I am also considering the same laptop. Defiantly leaning towards the 1080p version. Plenty of resolution for a screen this size. I just have no idea if the integrated graphics are going to be enough. Will mostly be used for office use & drone autopilot stuff, but i might like the occasional game of DOTA2 on the move. Anyone tried basic games on these mobile processors?
The other contender (although significantly more expensive) is the new XPS 13. Very nice, but for the very light gaming I may do, i'm not sure it would be worth the extra.


I haven't heard great things about it... Notch was tweeting that the performance on it was terrible... I'd link it but I can't find it / I'm at work.

Mobile Tech Review's review is quite positive