New laptop

Hi logan and community,


im thinking of buying myself a gaming laptop for around 1500 aussie dollars, but i am not sure if i should buy one right now or wait for ddr4 ram to be released what would be the best course of action here?

i hear msi has some great gaming ones if i should buy one now which one do you guys recommend?

Check these guys out:


$1500 buys you a hell of a lot of laptop.  I wouldn't bother waiting for DDR4 or the next gen of this that or whatever else.  Trick to buying pc hardware is to find something that suits your needs inside your budget, buy it and be happy with it.  No matter what you buy or when you buy it, you're always within ~6mths of something new being released that's shiny and awesome.  If you wait for the next big thing you'll always be waiting.


Obvious exception to this is if the next big thing has a feature you really want/need and you know how long it is you need to wait.

thanks for the recommendation


i am aware of constant updating, however i hear ddr4 is bound to be out real soon thats why im asking

You're up for a lengthy wait then.  At this stage we're only at rumours and roadmap shots of upcoming releases of chipsets and haswell e cpus that support ddr4.  From there to laptops on the market that are using DDR4 is not a short space of time.

ok then i will buy now then i would only wait if it was a thing of a month or so