New laptop?

I'm horribly sorry if this is in the wrong section, I know how annoying it can get with new people flooding in here and posting things in the wrong places.

But moving on...

My mom wants to get a new laptop for herself, however I dont know much about laptops. She will mostly be doing school work, with some occasional photoshop. I however will be using the laptop whenever we go travel (Very Often) and I would like to play some games such as League of Legends, Minecraft, etc... Nothing too intensive.

right now her pentium dual core @2.3ghz is causing her problems with multiple tabs open, also only has 3gb of ram with win7. I picked this laptop up about 5 years ago for myself, but she is still using it.

As for a budget, i'm not too sure but try to keep it <$800 if possible. But if theres a really nice gaming laptop that has the best bang for the buck then please show me a link to where i can find it.

if you need more info please ask, this is my first actual post on this forum. And for grammer mistakes, I never did so well with english classes.

You can pick up a Lenovo T430 for under $800. Best laptop I've ever owned. Thinkpads have a magnesium rollcage to protect from drops and also acts as a faraday cage to prevent static shock dammaging the laptop. It also has a spillproof keyboard, you can straight poor milk onto the computer and nothing will happen, (you can look up videos). It has a good professional look and optionally you can get it with Nvidia NVS 5400M, though Intel HD4000 can play league and do just about everything you'd need it to.