New laptop

Hey yall, Looking to buy a cheap old throw-away laptop off CL.

Does anyone know which Intel Generation had the first decent battery life technology?

Ivy & sandy Forget it…

The size of the microprocessors is important for energy consumption. The smaller the better. There are a lot of other factors, but you asking about Ivy and Sandy bridge, get Ivy, which is 22nm, Sandy is 32. Check intel ark for this info. Just google the processor and attach “intel ark” to your search.

Edit, ok, reread your post. 14nm is way better that Ivy. So fifth generation or newer.

Mmmm yes 5th gen throw away machine.


Get a thinkpad 440s. I have a 420s that I paid about 60 bucks foc and its almost brand new.

I know what you mean, but it’s the earliest generation with the 14nm processing node. 4’th gen does have substantially better battery life than the 3’rd gen, but achives this by lowering the TDP to 15w, instead of 35w. Thus as a consequence the 4’th gen U-labeled processors are weaker in processing power.

Being a throw-away, you do have a point. But the best of both worlds is achieved in the 5’th gen, though at a premium in purchasing cost.

something atom based is probably best bet if you’re worried about battery life and cheap.

cheap | fast | low power

pick 2


Well then its not a throw away then, is it?

I get you. But, I’ve had a 4510U based laptop. It got about 7 hours as a shitty lenovo gaming laptop. I assume a good lenovo workstation that is in the S line would be suitable for that, especially since they are 100 bucks.

700 dollars isnat a throw away machine.

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@FaunCB Thanks

@Zumps I’m not to concerned with consumption. I am more concerned that the battery is garbage and won’t hold a charge.

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