New Laptop To Replace Old One

Hello I'm here for help on choosing a new laptop since my old Acer Aspire 5517 is getting to the point where I can't do stuff like surfing the web without it taking ages for a page to load to it booting up after hours of waiting. I would like a laptop that could boot up fast, load up pages or any applications without having to wait hours like my old one, and to at least be able to play current games at medium to high settings. Thank you for the help and I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

What's your budget?

Yeah I forgot to add that I am looking at around $500 to $700. Sorry

This is a good deal.

Thank you, but I see that it doesn't come with a CD Drive?

Also would i be able to play current games at medium like GTA 5 or Battlefield 4 etc.?

Nah, there isn't an ODD. You'll find that a lot.

None of my computers have one. I just got an Amazon Basics USB ODD to use with everything.

Does open box mean it has been used if so is that a bad?

Just means that it's been opened and returned, but hasn't been used. Comes with a full warranty, and everything.

Also this would be my first time if I buy it using Newegg and I'm wondering how they are with customer service and arrival times, also how well do they ship their items?

I've not had personal experience with them, because I'm in the UK, but they have a really good reputation, and their support is good, as well. Delivery is about on a par with Amazon.

Okay thank you very much do you think it's possible to find a laptop for cheaper that could do just as good of a job?

have you tried to defrag your hard drive.

Yes many time since I first got it.

I can't find anything better, for that price, at the moment.

Normally I recommend Clevo/Sager, but that's at prices above $1000.

Okay thank you for your help much appreciated.

No problem.