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New laptop for mom

Is there a proper guide for my mother with a new HP laptop to de-crapify/un-windows tracking, etc. I’ve always set-up the family machines, but due proximity covid and a rush I’d like to find a guide so I don’t spend 4-6 hours on the phone…

Maybe you could have her setup a remote access software, such as Teamviewer or Anydesk, and remote in to make the changes yourself.

Most of the guides I have seen either focus too much on one thing, or make changes that I would not want. Some guides make changes that break things like updates or the store, both of which are not good things to have broken, at least for machines that are on the internet.


I have to say, if your mother isn’t tech savvy, removing features from the core of windows is potentially a problem because she could end up with a broken system.


I like the remote access idea, It’s not that she isn’t tech savvy, it’s a rush job as she’s scheduled to teach college remotely and her current unit is failing. I just don’t know what crap will come on the new HP/windows and want to wash it for her before the usual ninite load. after that her college techs can have their way…


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I’d like to set her up with no-script/adblocker, etc, but that may break her, not too worried about breaking windows.

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I’ve got to be honest I agree with @SgtAwesomesauce. The issues around telemetry are for most people an overblown non issue. And your mother almost 100% falls into that category.

Sgt is right, modifying the system to your liking could lead to issues down the road.

Pop on an ad blocker on the web browser but otherwise … I’d really consider going down more practical considerations. Ensure what she uses it for will have her data backed up, password manager (even if it’s chrome or edge it’s self), make sure auto update is set up nicely for when she uses it.


I appreciate the response. I’m not going to go crazy like it’s MY daily driver, I just like to have HP not in her face and do the normal tracking. I’m not planning on hitting the registry or anything funky. More like startup software ans such…

Startup software should be easily removable as well as HP software. HP don’t do any specific telemetry as far as im aware except maybe crash reporting in their apps? You should be able to just simply uninstall the programs you dont want.

As i mentioned though, while you do that, probably one of the best options you can do is set the computers active hours for software updates so its outside the core times your mum will be using it. it will just make updates a bit smoother and less interrupting when it knows when your working. Backups as well. Microsoft offer 5GB of storage with their free account options, its very much worth considering as it will mean any documents etc are automatically in the cloud should there be an issue with the laptop. You might also consider setting up windows hello.