New Laptop for dual boot

Hey guys, last few days I have been asking here and a few other places for suggestions on laptops. I am still very undecided on a laptop or even what hardware. Realistically it will be used to program and for Photoshop, gaming is't really that big of a deal only a bonus. What do you suggest I really like thinkpads haven't found the right one for me yet for the right price they seem expense for the hardware, but i have been looking at really cheap gaming laptops with quad-core i7s.
currently the dell xps 15 is the one I like but i want some alternatives really want a second hard drive and i really hate that dell wont let you customize nearly anything.

Whats your budget and size constraints? I could show you systems that would fit the build that range from 700-4k usd but maybe too small or too big for what youd like.

I kind of picked out what i am just gonna get, i just waitng for the thinkpad p51 in April.

Make sure to clear the superfish software off the system but other wise you should have a decent system.

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