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New KVMs -- Back And Better Than Ever! (2 New Models - USBc and HDMI) | Level One Techs

Links: Single Monitor, 4 input: Dual Monitor, 4 input: Preorder USBc 1 monitor, 2 input: Preorder HDMI 2.0 4k/60hz It was so much fun working on the software for these. :D Also, extremely terrible. But awesome! It's exciting to have good KVMs in the world!
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Awesome to hear wendell!
How is chromebook support btw? (I have an Acer Chromebook Spin 13. (intel core i5 model)

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TL;DW: Old KVM back in stock, new KVM with USB-C, and USB-IF needs to get their shit together with allowed and certified naming on cables


Competing KVMs only have USB 1.1

So, the fancy Corsair keyboards don’t work on USB 1.1? Why?

They are not hid devices. They have a “bios mode” that would probably work (hid emulation, which is not a 1.1 fallback) but are not otherwise hid compatible.

I know that from the video, but what does that have to do with USB 1.1?

Usb1.1 doesn’t support much beyond hid devices. Usb2.0 can fall back to 1.1 in some scenarios but the corsiar keyboard might as well be a USB printer for all the USB controller knows?


Any insight as to how the USB-C KVM will work with an X399 Taichi board? Looking to start dividing work between my laptop and a workstation for better number crunching.


You need dp+USBc so if you are using an rtx card it’s fine. Taichi doesn’t have a dp input

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Crap. Really wanted to stick with a Quadro but Falcon doesn’t offer anything above Pascal yet. I’ll see if I can talk to IT about that.

Thanks for the super fast reply!

This slipped under my radar. That USB Type-C KVM is very interesting. I could see plenty of people wanting something like this to switch between dedicated computers and their laptop. (myself included, this is basically my exact setup)

@wendell I see no PD in this version, is this a permanent limitation or something that could be done in theory in a future version of the KVM?

PD opens up a world of agony and pain. It would be more than 1.5 years if I ever do that. More likely possibly would be a PD injector cable.

I’m completely unfamiliar with USB-PD or how complex it might be, I wondered considering how its in a number of smaller dongle/hubs if it might be possible via a dedicated PC1-PD port or something like that.

However, maybe in a year or two USB3 and Type-C will be more sane and it might be easier to implement.

Theses are two nice new additions though. Level1 Techs becoming a special full time hardware vendor in the future… maybe? :slight_smile:

if we can fund awesome stuff even with a bake sale, I think we’d be down for it.

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A Level1 bake sale… Something like that i could see.

It might be nice to see some “wendell certified actually works” items on sale, or a list. Especially things like working/trusted cables (you have the cable kit, but maybe it would be good to see up there trusted Type-C cables for the KVMs and perhaps other types for other hardware USB-PD, 3.1 etc.)

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Hello and sorry for reviving this thread.
Looking for a solution to combine DP and USB into a usb-c connection to pass through this USB-C KVM for my desktop PC, Heard there were experimental solutions/prototypes out there, can someone share?
Also wondering if the “VirtualLink” branded type-C port on some GPUs (which carries displayport+USB 3.1) would be compatible with this KVM…