New keyboard

Good day everybody,

So I'm probably going to sell my CM Storm Quickfire Ultimate (MX browns with red LED backlighting) to get a new keyboard with cherry MX blues. I have my eyes set on 2 keyboards but I can't for the life of me decide which one to get. I'm looking at the:

  • CM Storm Quickfire XT (€80)
  • Corsair K70 non-RGB (€135)

I'd really like to know what you guys think and which one I should go with and why. The why is very important. Also I'm open to other suggestions


I own a CM Storm Quickfire XT, it is my first ever mech and I am pretty happy with it.
No fancy features but has a real good feel to it, plus the build quality impressed me (had only typed on 20$~ keyboards before buying that one so don't really know about the quality compared to other mechs).

I was very indecisive aswell, both keyboards look awesome. If money isn't a problem go for the corsair there must be a reason for the 55€ difference.

Don't really care for things with fancy lights. but backlight in the right color is important. to match the rest of the colors of the keyboard or match with your PC. My keyboards at the moment are

-Ducky Shine ultimate 3 (full layout, MX browns, white LED, custom carbon fiber wrap with clear coat over it)

-Vortex Pok3r (60% layout, MX clears, white keycaps/body)

I plan on doing more with the keycaps for custom colors on each of these. I'm really loving my pok3r the best. Also custom USB cables make a huge difference.

Also, always has pretty good choices on some keyboards