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New keyboard recommendations for mother


Well, the title is pretty self-explanatory. My mom birthday is next month and I want to buy her a new keyboard to replace her old generic keyboard from Dell. I am currently looking at either the Microsoft Surface keyboard or Logitech Craft keyboard. However, the last option is rather pricey.

What would be the best keyboard for a typist that would fit well with her MX Anywhere 2?
Any other recommendations. No mechanical keyboard as she doesn’t like my Cherry brown switch.

N.B.: Canadian french layout would be best.



I can’t speak to what’s the ‘best’ for her - relative to taste/function. But I will say: A) I’m definitely a fan of logitech over Microsoft; B) get the best you can afford [edit: that suits her tastes/meets her requirements] - mothers are worth every penny, every time.



theres more to switches than brown lol, my mom really enjoys gateron clear as its a extremely super light linear and they lubed it really well so no scratchy feel like you get from cherry switches. id recommend those and the GMMK keyboard from glorious. however if she needs specific functions from those keyboards then cheaper is better.



I hear you about mechanical switches, but perhaps a lurker will like this:
I just got a HyperX TKL from Micro Center. It is a very basic board and I observed that it was available in both Cherry red & blue switches (perhaps others as well, IDK). It has a red backlight, which I think can do some tricks, but can also (thankfully) be switched off. I’ve seen these advertised elsewhere for ~ $120, but picked it up a couple of days ago for $69. It’s not a premium board like my Filco, but it’s a solid, basic, mechanical board, in your choice of switches. What’s not to like?



There’s the Logitech G413 that’s not too expensive and it’s available with white backlight. I really like the switches, a mix between red and blue MX. Comes in every possible layou too. I’d add a wrist rest since the edge can be sharp



Guys, forget about mechanical keyboards, I know my mom will not like this, primarily because of sound. I’m really more looking into a quality rubber dome keyboard.



Just do what I did. Bought me mom a brand new surplus Lenovo Keyboard. I think I bought it for $2 bucks.