New keyboard and mouse

Hi all,


I'm looking to get a new keyboard and mouse for my desktop. I have decided on the Roccat Kova[+] for the mouse, but I am unsure about the keyboard.

I have been looking at the Coolermaster Storm Quickfire with MX Blue's (here) or the QPad with MX Blues (here). They are both around £75. If there is anything else I should be looking at please let me know. Anything good that is cheaper will also be better. I will be using it for gaming and for work (coding).




If you could find a ducky, maybe A 9008g2 pro or 9087g2 pro that would be really good. Also, you may want to look into a filco. Filcos are almost the same aa cm storm but dont have obnoxious branding all over the place.

You can get an unbranded Quickfire.

It's more like CM Storm are same thing as Filco but way cheaper.

I have the quickfire TK, its a great little keyboard. compleatly flex free, solid aluminum backplane, you could kill a man with it. but its hybrid ten keyless, and that gets on some peoples nerves.

Noppoo choc mini