New keyboard and mouse

Hello everyone...

So I am tired from my cheap ass gaming gear...

I would like to buy mechanical keyboard and mouse that have like <10 buttons.. Mainly I play FPS and RTS... To be honest lately I play FPS more.. But no one cares what I play..

So everyone that have mechanical keyboard - could you please wrote something like this:

keyboard: cheap ass no name keyboard

  • mechanical - hell no.. I wish it would be.. :D
  • keys - membrane.. would like Cherry MX Red, but I ain't got no freaking idea what it feels like ... 
  • backlight - ohh yes... some realy bad yellowish color.. 
  • media keys - yes.. 
  • wrist stand - no .. 

mouse: Canyon Stealth series mouse (cheap ass)

  • buttons - 6
  • type - optical 
  • finish - matte
  • cable lenght - 1.2 m
  • max dpi - 1600

Something like this would be nice. And please help me before I hang myself with mouse cable. :D


Im sorry but doing your research on gaming mouses isnt really that hard, and expecting us to deliver it in bite size chunks so you dont have to do shit?

However, some suggestions on keyboards:

Rosewill corsair cooler master


Just the logitech G500 its great for the price and has some nice software

I do not want someone to put all info in my mouth, but I wanted to know other opinions on keyboards and mice, which they use...
+ Buying brand gear does not matter if all you know is what it says on the box ... and since I live in the middle of the forest where you cant go and try everything on the site then was hoping that someone will help me with experience on their gear...

I have a Rosewill 9000 mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Blues. I had the 9100 with blue backlighting, but it had power issues, and when Newegg got my RMA, they didn't sell that keyboard anymore, so I got a refund instead. The 9000 is practically a Filco Majestouch being rebranded - it is extremely solid and a nice matte black. I love MX Blues for typing and gaming alike.

For my mouse, I have a Logitech g600 becuase I love buttons and DPI. With 20 programmable buttons, it serves my needs, and the 8200 max dpi is just insane. With my insanely modded Skyrim (over 18GB of graphical mods, including a 2K texture pack, various 4K texture packs, tons of face, eye, and body overhauls, and an insane ENB profile), the higher DPI makes the game look smoother, even though it is only at ~40 FPS. I love the feel and quality of Logitech products, especially the g600.

I also have a SteelSeries Sensei, which is a fantastic mouse for the price. I highly recommend the g400 for value, the g500 for a better quality, g600 for MMOs, g700 for wireless, and the Sensei for FPSs and general use.

Keyboard: Corsair K60

  • Mechanical- Yes, but not all the keys.
  • Keys- Cherry MX Red
  • Backlight- Nope, personally i find backlighting annoying.
  • Media keys- Yes, but I never use them.
  • Wrist pad- A small one that is badly angled that i never use.

Other thoughts: Great quality and is sturdy as hell.

Mouse: Razor Deathadder

  • Buttons- 5
  • Type- Optical
  • Cable length- 6 ft.
  • Max dpi- 3500

brennanriddell & notoonah thx...