New K70 or K95 keyboard?

Hello peoples of teksyndicate!

I'm looking to replace my 8 year old keyboard that barely works anymore and that I wonder why I still use.

A few months ago I saw the beauty that is the K70 and I held off buying a new keyboard until the K70 came out. It seems amazing with its color changing capabilities macro keys, and just how nice it looks. However I also stumbeled across the K95 and I didn't notice much of a difference. I would also like the keyboard to be in mx brown, however at least on amazon the K95 didn't seem to have an option for that but only for mx red.

So with this I need your advice, should I buy the K70 or if there is a mx brown K95 should I buy that? Or should I buy a different keyboard?


Ive got (and dont use and is for sale atm) a k70, its a pig of a thing. Yeah it has macros and leds that you can change the colour of but to type on (eg code) its just an unpleasant experience. Gaming wise it goes ok, although a $15 microsoft keyboard can do that. If you can get to a store and test as many as you can I would suggest to do that before you fork out >$100. Maybe check out the X4, its less than half the price.

The x4 looked nice but the main reason I wanted a k70 was for its cherry MX browns red backlight and many macro keys though the ability to change its color is an added bonus. There's no gaming store too close by but I'll go to fry's when I can this week.

Yeah, reds aren't great for typing.  I have a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 with MX blues, and so far it's been great(aside from some weird firmware stuff).  I don't really use macros, though, so the 5 macro keys are almost useless to me.

I also kind of regret not getting a tenkeyless keyboard.  I game a lot, and don't really need the numpad.  Having a full size keyboard puts my mouse kind of far away from my left hand, making it a tiny bit uncomfortable to play with.  I never really noticed this with a typical membrane keyboard, but for some reason I notice it a lot with my mechanical.  Consider this as well.

You talk about the k70 being able to change color.  I think you're talking about the Vengeance k70 RGB.  The one that has been out for a year only has one backlight.  I do not think the multi-colored ones are out yet.

Oh I wasn't aware of that, I read somehwere a few months ago that the K70 with the multicolored backlight will be comming out in July and that this was it If the Vengence K70 RGB isn't out yet then when will it be released and do you advise me buying it, getting the ones already out, or getting a completely different keyboard with Cherry MX Browns and a red backlight? 

That one is the regular one.  It only has one backlight color(the one you linked has a red backlight).

K70 RGB is coming soon:

The k70 RGB MSRP is $170.  Quite a bit more than what most people will fork out for it.

Shit just checked - the one i have and dont use is the k50. They all look the bloody same. 

Would you say that the new K70 is worth the 170$?