New Intel PC build

Hey guys looking to build my first gaming PC would rather stick to an Intel based desktop but if AMD can be better i wouldn't mind that route either this is my first PC build and my budget is anywhere around 1000 USD


and please help me a bit on the tech lingo I'm decent at it but not great (i know basics lol)

want to use it for gaming

$1000 Gaming Build? Will do. (Assuming no monitor, peripherals or OS is required and that you want to OC.)

Little over budget but a great build. Prices might go down over the next little while when new AMD GPUs come out and it seems there are no sales on right now so PSUs and cases are a little expensive as well. 


sorry i didn't add that i have a monitor whoops thanks for the build idea shall look into it

what about a different case? the one listed only has 2 USB ports and what if i went with an i7 instead of i5?

You can pick whatever case you want. So long as it fits an ATX motherboard.

If you're just gaming or doing light productivity there is no reason for an i7. On the desktop side the main difference between i5s and i7s is HyperThreading (HT). i7s have it. i5s don't. HT makes each core be presented to the OS as two logical cores. This doesn't turn a quad core into an 8 core but can help performance in heavily multithreaded applications like video editing. In game however, it does nothing. SO gaming performance will be the same whether you're on an i5-4690k or an i7-4790k. Plus the i7 is much much more expensive. It is a better idea to put that money towards a faster GPU than a faster (in select applications) CPU. 

alright thanks for the help