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New Intel CPU Launch and Livestream with MSI | Level One Techs


Intel is launching six new CPUs today, but they are not expected to enter wide availability for another 2 to 4 weeks from what I gather (no official word on that – just reading between the lines).

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The Livestream is live now (2pm EST):


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Paging @MisteryAngel – looks like the vrm solution is upgraded over z270 to me esp. on the higher end boards – added super high resolution photography for all those motherboards if you want to take a look I’ll amend the reviews. I found PDF links for a lot of the components, will include those shortly.



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Sounds very promissing.
But i have to say that Msi really has upped their game on vrm implementations,
on their higherend boards allot latelly.
So i´m very currious to see what they have done with their higherend Z370 boards this time.
Their higherend X299 and X399 boards have very decent vrm implementations.

So yeah looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

Sorry for late reaction, i’m still ill dealing with the flu.