New indiegame Studio, BackwardStudios

Hey me and some friends have started creating indiegames under the name BackwardStuidos please follow us on twitter @gamingbackwards . We are aming to release a beta of our game in spring 2013, the beta will be free. We like to focus on RPG open world games and RTS games. We foucs on PC gamers and at this point in time have on reason to start working on games for consoles. I look forward to hearing from the community in the future.


-BackwardStudios Development Team

Contact us on twitter @gamingbackwards 

What other games have you worked on?

We have work with the unity engine and we plan to use unity for our games. We have also made some dumb flash games(e.g. just maze games) and made some mods for minecraft and other games but these mods were for personal use on our servers. Nothing big Yet 

-BackwardStudios Development Team

Nice! I actually was a programmer in Unity for a good 3 Years, right now I'm working on my own OpenGL based game engine tho :D If you ever need any help with C# programming feel free to ask me anything.

Thank you very much we will keep this in mind and may end up asking you for help in the future 

-BackwardStudios Development Team