New Immortal album

The new Immortal album "All Shall Fall" is out, and i must say, it's quite impressive as it's a well known fact that new albums from old bands tend to suck.

The new album sound very much like "At the Heart of Winter" but, who gives a fuck. That album was awesome.

soon winter\m/

shit, i didnt know this was out yet! ill have to get this.

It's out yet?! Didn't know....I have been waiting for that for a damn while!

I was kinda shocked when I first saw the album cover tho...they are not on it! I wanted my classic Immortal cover with them on it being in an awesome super-grim pose. Oh well, I shall listen to it tomorrow and post what I think....I have faith in Abbath.

they are pooz

this album is black metal incarnate!



Damn this is good album!
It feels like i'm back in high school when i listen this album. :)