New i5-3570 + Noctua NH-L9i = 99*C

Something wrong with Real Temp 3.70 ? Idle temps in the low 30'ies. Two minutes of Prime95 = reactor meltdown. How is this even possible?

No overclocking or voltage tweaking. Intel Turbo Mode enabled, but it only goes to 3.6 GHz and not 3.8.

The CPU heatsink is not warm at all. Could it be a defective temperature reader? Any inputs?


Re-mount the cooler since its sounds like something went wrong with the installation. Also make sure you're using some decent thermal paste and applying it correctly.

Logan did a video showing how to apply thermal paste:

Maybe. Will check when I get home.

BTW, I did put a little amount of thermal paste in the middle just as Logan recommends.