New house, new stuff pt1

We are going to be building a new house next year so I am trying to think through everything first. Running ethernet is a lot easier before the walls go on.

What I have spec’d right now is all CAT6, drop at each tv location, a double at each desk, in the office closet, and the media cabinet in the living room. I don’t have any for WAP because I really like the look of EnGenius Wall Plate WAPs. I will also have PoE cameras and would love to run a PoE doorbell camera but one that I can just have record on my home network.

So this where I am trying to figure everything out.

I would like to try running vlans since my wife likes all these spy devices. I would love to use a 10gb switch for internal traffic while WAN will just be 1gb. Not sure if I want to use my own storage or a dvr package for cameras. A managed 48 port, 10/100/1000/10000, poe switch is crazy expensive.

I have a 24 port 1gb unmanged switch currently.

10gbe is going to be very expensive, depending on how much you want to hook up.

If you have a need for speed for certain devices then your best bet for 10g is going SFP+. Get pulled/?bootleg? mellanox connectx-3 cards from ebay for ~$40, finistar transceivers (multimode LC/LC fiber) for $8-10, OM3/4 multimode LC/LC fiber from amazon, and the mikrotik switch

And if you really need a lot of ports then there’s other mikrotik options or ubiquity. These are all managed switches.

As a bonus, with fiber you have electrical isolation, which allows you to protect only the items you want to, rather than everything.

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I dislike fiber. We have it at work and it’s a pain. (Also it is super slow but that is a function of work not the fiber. Who would think 16 xeon cores over fiber would take 10 hours to unzip a few gig to a network share. :exploding_head::point_left:)

I am looking more at the switches and networking rack layout to try to take full advantage of the wired ethernet. I guess instead of 10gbe I should have focused more on better than 1gbe I think a reasonable goal would be under $1000 for new networking equipment.

We will have a media server and I am looking at setting up some VMs for my wife to use and maybe one for me to work on as well.

I am wiring my house with fibre right now. Over all, it is cheaper and easier to deal with IMHO.

I don’t know how much experience you have with fibre, but what you describes sound a typical at best. Also, with the new fibre connectors, you don’t need to polish, epoxy, and/or bake. For less than 10USD per connector, you can run you custom length cables and be wired for the future fibre improvements (40Gbps or better) once they become consumer wallet friendly. If you have not purchased anything yet, I would recommend looking into fibre again.

If you want to go Ethernet, then I would actually recommend cat 7 (again future proof your investment). You are at the bounds of what ehternet is capable of doing and you don’t want to be limited by cheaping out on the physical layer to save a few bucks, unless you don’t mind chasing your own wires.

Alarm wire everywhere. Trust me. :slight_smile:


Yuck, that never looks clean. How about these cute little zigbee reed switches instead: ?

Planning on running HomeAssistant?

Less stuff to fail and you don’t see the wire if you do it right :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I loved the video on the one wire sensors. It was pretty cool.

I will re-look at fiber. I know the biggest issue is the draconian measures taken to secure the network (like 12 hours to unzip 2.2gb to 7gb over a network share). Also got a loose piece of fiber caught in a chair wheel and DESTROYED it so badly they had to pull up some of the raised flooring and rerun it if I remember correctly.

I am not sure about home assistant but it is on my list of stuff to get information about when this semesters final is over.

I think my biggest thing is learning new stuff with the time I have. I know just enough to be dangerous. :slight_smile: Between grad school, a ton of kids, and work I don’t have a lot of time. I am trying to plan new hardware to support everything with not a lot of knowledge where to begin. I am a geospatial data manager so in that field I am fairly competent, just everything else is new to me.

I currently have 2 rack servers, an R710 with dual E5630s and 72gb of RAM, mainly used for backup and plex. A 1U Mavient with E5520 that sounds like an F14 taking a cat shot when running. Securty cam DVR w/ 6 cameras. Desktop and laptops. All on a TP Link 1gbe switch that was running through a computer using untangle until recently.

I am looking building an Asus Rack mATX and R9 5900X to replace the server since the backplane is limited to 2 TB drives anyways. I would like to run some VMs off of it for my wife to work on because her mac sucks and maybe try working off a vm. Could I use the 1 of 1gbe ports for WAN control like PFSense or Untangle and use the 10gbe for cross network data? I also want to set up a probably 6-8 external and maybe a couple of internal ip cameras.

Thanks for all the responses so far.

Couldn’t sleep last night. Will be be using Home Assistant. That way I can give my wife all the IoT things she wants and I can feel more secure about it.

Are you a former Navy Bro?
Also, F14 is my favorite of the fighters.

Sounds like you have desperate needs. Thread Ripper would be more versatile for your needs possible. IT has PCIe lanes, can take more RAM, has more cores, and you can find more rack mount stuff for workstation and builds.

Run connectors also to the ceiling for WiFi Access points + PoE.

So not quite a necropost but a soft revival. We haven’t closed on the new house but should in about a month and a half. We didn’t wind up building our own but found one about 75% complete. It came wired in most of the rooms (yay!) but with CAT5E (meh).

I have made a couple of purchases since my original post. I picked up a Lenovo m90n IoT running untangle as my firewall. I have an AsRock Rack x570d4u-2l2t with the 2x 1gb and 2x 10gb ports inbound. I plan on picking up a Zen 3 processor this week to swap into my desktop and put my 3600 in the Rack. I also picked up a 9U TrippLite networking rack which I think will better serve my needs than the 42U rack I had before. I am thinking about putting my patch panel, switch, firewall all in it. Also mounting the X570 board to a sever shelf in the bottom which would give plenty of expansion space for hard drives. I am going to start with my 8TB NAS drive and a couple of old WD Black 2TB drives. My plan would be to eventually move into a RAIDZ2 after I buy enough drives.

My big thing now is looking at switches. Looking at managed switches with PoE for the WAP are pricey I am a relative idiot when it comes to this stuff. I figure 8 cameras, 4 of the wallplate/WAP the EnGenius and Ubiquiti both have, maybe reuse my Unifi Pro AP. I had been looking at 24 port switches and I would love something that I could take advantage of the 10gb on the server and but a 10gb card in my desktop.

I was also considering 8 port switches. Would it be fairly simple to use an unmanged 8 port POE switch for powering the cameras and connect it to one of the 1gb NIC on the server?

I have been looking at EnGenious, Ubiquiti, FS, D-Link, and TP Link. I have had some friends recommend moving to the Dream Machine Pro and that 16 port Pro Switch.

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