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New Homeserver with GPU passthrough project

I`m at it again, this time i am going to experiment with a addition to my homeserver setup, this time with a rig that has 4\8 gpu cores that i can pass through over the network, preferrably to guest who brings “slower” laptops when they come over to play some games!

First of all i had to look for some good deals on a mobo and CPU, i didnt want to cash out full price for everything, so i went to some auction sites and look for cheap 1st gen Ryzen stuff!

The stuff i bought:
CPU: Ryzen 7 1800X
Mobo: Asus Prime X370-PRO
Ram: Corsair vengance 3000mhz 2x8gb
M.2: ADATA 256gb
PSU: Enermax 1000w 87+

All this set me back around 200$USD at auction

The GPUs i had from before, ive been collecting GPUs for years, and i happen to have 4 x GTX 690`s here, and im planning on using two of them, to go quadsli with two cards.

I`m no expert at all in this passthrough stuff, so this is gonna be a totally new experience for me, ive done alot of custom watercooling and overclocking records in the past, but this will probably test my patience more, but i like a challenge!

I`m gonna post pics as it goes on, but now, to some building pics, and inital testing in Windows and 3dmark

She gonna look good!

Good old cards!

Some repasting and cleaning had to happen

All of the yesses!

Couldnt fine the mounts for the S36, zipties will have to do for the inital testing(or tweezers if you want)

Its important to stay hydrated while building


All done, test results coming during the day!

Thanks for your attention! please feel free to give positive or negative feedback!


On this thread a user was having issues passing through a gtx 690, so you will probably have issues as well.

Thanks for the reply, but it seems he has a motherboard problem in addition, my cards seems to work perfectly fine under windows 10, even drivers and everything works perfectly, even the 3dmark results seems to back that up.

Im testing with windows VM as we speak, and its seems “fine” for now, and, the PLX chip shouldnt matter like he is explaining, that seems more a fault with his card or motherboard, the PLX chip shouldnt have any impact on that, since many cards that are beeing passed thru indeed use a PLX chip

But i appreciate the reply :slight_smile:

EDIT: and error 43 is just a matter of tricking Nvidia drivers, thats a common issue when passing thru nvidia cards

Glad to hear it is working for you, all I remember hearing about are dual gpu cards not working for passthrough, or only working when both cores go to the same vm.

Also for code 43, it does not show up only from the driver gimping that you talked about, but it also shows up in a couple other places. It will show up if you try to passthrough the boot gpu if it is a 1000 series nvidia or later. It also show up if you try to passthrough most laptop gpus.

you are completely correct about error 43 regarding 1000 series and laptop gpu`s :slight_smile:

Also true, thats why the PLX chip is awesome when you want to pass through two cores on a gpu, there is ways to fiddle with it (like i did in my OC days), but regarding passthrough, im painfully aware it will be a experience where i end up pulling my hair out

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Are you able to pass through one GPU from the 690 (e.g. half of one graphics board) to one VM and the other 690 from the same board to another VM?

i didnt get that far before the mobo decided to crap its pants, going back to use my dual xeon for the project :slight_smile: