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New Home server

I just got done building my new home server. I’m don’t know what way i should go. To start things off im hooked on zfs as the storage pool. The new server will have 128Gb of ram right now only has 64Gb. Im looking at proxmox and xpc-ng as the to run every thing. I know proxmox isn’t free and i dont mind paying for what i get. Or i could go my old setup with centos and kvm. I don’t need a gui but it sometimes makes things faster and or easier to get done or i didn’t know that was a option.

What are your uses for it?

VM’s and file server. My setup right now is centos with zfs and kvm.

Do you need any features that your old CentOS set up didnt do / you cant make it do?

Do you work in the field?

Not that i know of other being weak in the cpu n ram side. But i like to mess with other server software.

I would like to get back into it. I did for about 2 years before my company got you know.

I’m more of the sys admin. Not network but i wouldn’t mind learning.

Maybe dabble with Proxmox then since it will let you retain ZFS while letting you get more on what organizations might use. You being able to do it your own is really the best as you can have more control, but getting the Corp EXP is good too.

I do have corp exp. just out of touch with what is used. I hate change control lol. But like i said i can do command line and keep zfs, as xpc-ng is centos base. I just don’t have a gui for the zfs stuff.