New home server/homelab build

I have accumulated some components I would like to get together in a build to replace my older HP homelab server.

I currently have an E5-2687W v3, a noctua u12S cooler, and 128GB of DDR4 2133MHz Registered ECC RAM.

I would like to find some motherboard options that aren’t ridiculous prices.

I saw a couple of ASROCK x99 boards under $200 that would have fit the bill. but there is very little information available as reviews on any of them. More disturbing is the lack of recent updates in the last 2 years.

Am I looking for a unicorn, or are there still x99 or server boards with ECC support that have manufacturer support under $400?

Should I be looking at server barebones instead of a scratch build?

Good luck with finding older motherboards used or new for anything under $200. I don’t want to rant but the intel motherboard and processors do not seem to drop in value over time given.


I have an asus z10 I’m itching to build with and I’ve come up emty on CPUs for years now :frowning: