New Home Server Build

Hey guys, I've got a few parts from a failed server build. The PC was originally to go in my audio system, so I shipped it to a manufacturer to have them test some audio gear with it. Unfortunately the courier spiked the box during shipment, bent the PC case, and potentially ruined some stuff inside. Nothing jumps out as being wrecked, but it just beeps and won't boot.

So, here's what I have, that may or may not work:
Intel - S1200v3RPL - Micro ATX Server Motherboard
Intel - Xeon 1231 v3
Micron - 1066Mhz, 1.5v ECC unbuffered CAS 7 RAM - 8Gb x 2
Samsung - 850 Evo SSD - 256Gb
Intel - EXPI9402PTBLK - 2-port NIC

No case, no PSU, no OS, and no mass storage spinners yet.

In looking at the parts, are there any glaring incompatibilities? The 1066mhz RAM is listed on some Intel product info, but not in others. It's also 1.5v vs. the stated low voltage 1.35v sticks. I have spoken to another S1200V3RPL user that said his sticks were 1066mhz @ 1.5v and it worked fine.

Then, I think the mobo might have gotten damaged if anything, so what options could I pick to replace it? I like SuperMicro boards and if possible a deadicated IPMI port is nice because this will run headless when done.

I don't know what OS would be best. WS server 2012 R2, FreeNAS, or what?

Then for uses, I'm going to back up 4TB of music, 3TB of movies, and 1TB of pictures, then make all of it streamable to my household (5 users) and my parents (in another house). We'll regularly play the music off the living room PC, stream movies and TV shows to the bedroom, and listen to music at work.

Thanks a lot, guys. I hope I can figure out what's wrong with the PC and get a new one up and running at home.

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