New Here, Couple Questions

I have been watching the videos for Tek Syndicate for about 2 months now, and Finally decided to join the forums. Great content!, and Logan has a great sense of humor.

My questions might not be being asked in the right place and is not necessarily to Logan or Wendell (move if need be) , but I didn't know where to start, and hopefully get something concrete, if there is anything answers.

Q1.   About 4 months ago I built a computer with a Athlon x4 750K (QC, OC'ed to 4.2ghz, 16GB Ram, GTX 650 Ti Boost (2gb), and a Samsung Evo SSD.

I can run 3 1080p monitors, and here are some scenarios/tests I did, I can run 6 hd videos at the same time, no lag, Neverwinter Online 1 monitor, Minecraft on one monitor, and a hd video playing on the last, all while running backups in the back ground, fruity loops, and having 15+ chrome tabs open......NO LAG what so ever, Now while this isn't a real world everyday task, this was for testing.

On a fresh boot, while watching 1 video online, and browsing, when I click on a product image (this is just on newegg {chrome and IE} , my computer goes ape ca-ca. Lags to all get out till its finished loading the image. This isn't a big deal or probably not even answerable, or maybe Im being to picky, but what the heck is on newegg's site or code, that causes my CPU to freak out? I browse newegg alot, its a great time killer to see whats all out there.

Q2. I have heard of this 3-2-1 backup, but with this day in age, what other media is there besides a hard drive? CD's or DVD's? with 1TB of pics I have taken over the years, I cant see myself burning to that many disks on something breakable and what if my crazy friends throw them in the microwave :) LOL, jk. But I have been using a plethora of various hard drives over the years some are still 80gb, and 500gb IDE drives, that just wont die....Maxtor, Seagate, Hitachi, WD. I even have a Quantum Fireball 40gb, and still store stuff to, on an external IDE enclosure. My question, is there a sure [set in stone] expiration time on a Spindle HDD?

Thank you to all, and sorry for a longish post. Looks like a fun community here!

Well on Q1, I have seem to figured out If I have a HD video playing in chrome, and browsing newegg on Firefox, it doesn't lagg.... or doing both in Firefox, it doesn't lagg I'm thinking about switching.....

For back up look and setting up a NAS.Synology, Drobo, Quapaw make some nice works out of the box solutions.  You could use freenas if you have a spare computer laying around. Mac minis work for this as well.