New heaphones

I recently bought a second pair of the comfort series headphones from earpollution and after a few months the second pair broke. i think i'm done trying with these headphones and would like to try another pair that you guys think are good. i would like to spend no more that 50$. If you guys could help me out that would be great.

Probably the best pair of headphones under $50 are the ATH-M30's from Audio-Technica.

I personally have a pair, and 2 years later, after some backpack abuse, these things are still going strong. The only thing I can complain about is that the ear padding wore down, so I can't wear them as long as I use to.

I think Logan recommended the headphones from Superlux at some point, as cheap well performing headphones. The Superlux HD-681 EVO Black even look kinda cool.


Koss PortaPro

They look weird and they're an on-ear design, but they sound awesome, for the price at least.

@jerm1027 @tiwo1990 @madrussian1209 thanks for the recommendations guys. But  after reading the post i made i realized i forgot to mention that i dislike the black blobs of plastic that most headphones are such as the audio-tenchnica headphones. i do realize they probably sound the best but i care about how they look when i'm wearing them. and also i like headphones that can provide a deep right bass. if the highs are a little muddy it doesn't bother me. i'm sorry if i'm being picky, but thanks

what about different colored chunks of plastic?

unfortunately i don't have a ton of experience in the better part of this price range, but these are honstly the best i've owned or used in a long time (that don't cost $100+)

also because i own a pair of superlux's i like to express that i hate them when ever i hear the name uttered

Well, at this price range, beggars can't be choosers. Plastic is the most affordable material, and as such, the vast majority of headphones under $50 are of plastic construction. Now, with the ATH-M30's, they aren't completely plastic, and black looks the least ridiculous.  If you wear your headphones as a fashion statement, and don't mind muddy highs... well, see if you can get a used pair of Beats. I would recommend Skull Candy's, but those are also plastic, but I suppose you can get those in different colors.

If you don't mind earbuds, JVC Xtreme Xplosives may be up your ally. I was actually fairly satisfied, but got rid of them for the bass-heavy sound and muddy highs.

The last recommendation I have, if you don't mind going a few bucks over is the Sony MDR-V55's:

lol i think people miss-understood me when i said i hate chinks of plastic :D what i meant is i don't like the way some headphones look. the xtreme xplosives are a perfect example. i owned some already and they did work as advertised but they looked like, well, chinks of black plastic. i was thinking about getting some skull candy's but haven't heard a lot about them. the ones i was looking at were the hesh 2's. anything good to say about them?