New Headset Needed!

Hey forum, I am in need of a new headset as my old ones have broken. I live in the UK and have around £75 to spend.  I will be using it for gaming, music and voice chats. The quality of the microphone doesn't have to be amazing but I want the sound quality to be very good. 

I have no idea on headsets so any help will be amazing.  Thanks and feel free to ask any questions.

The creative fatal1ty headset is a nice headset, it has great sound quality. the mic is not the best but it is clear enough. they have fabric cups so they don't get hot, they are also light weight. downside is since they sit on your ear instead of around your ear sometimes they will make you ears hurt after extended hours of gameplay.

I also recently bought the Logitech G230 and these are really comfortable during extended hours of gameplay. They have an around the ear design. they have a great sound quality. the only problem that i could find with this headset is the mic. it is not the best nor anywhere near the best but it gets the job done.

I'd recommend a nice pair of proper Headphones, such as these, and and a cheap clip-on mic, like these. The audio quality will be far superior to any "gaming" headsets in that price range, and the mic quality probably won't be noticeably worse, if at all.

The only downside other than the possibility of a slightly worse headset is that you'll have 2 cables instead of one, however if you use the headphones alot, the much better audio quality will easily make up for that.