New headset for gaming/music

WEll my G35 headset broke so im in the market for a new one.  Whats the best headset for around 100 bucks that has a good quality of sound for both games and music?

Qpad 1339 is a damn fine headset paired with a good soundcard.

Made by beyerdynamic, branded by Qpad. It is basically a Beyerdynamic DT 770 with better looks and a mic.

A bit expensive, but a very sturdy, quality feeling of it and very good sound. : )


Thats a good suggestion.

Either get that or a pair of Sennheiser 918's and a clip on mic, pretty much the same as any 'headset' once you clip the mic to the headphones cable but has much better sound and quality.

i got those audiotechnica's that you suggested with the dg soundcard. LOVE IT. great stuff. lacks bass tho :/ no biggie. so i would recomend the audiotechnica ad-700's :)

Great stuff mate! Think Tacticalfool was the first to mention them specific headphones.

But yeh, them headphones, or the equivelent Sennheiser/Bayerdynamic headphones (its a matter of taste/preferance between the 3, all are very good for the money) And the Xonar DG and you have something ALLOT better than you would have got if you spent the same money (liek many people do) on a gimmicky 'PC gaming headset' that is pants lol.

Im glad we saved you from falling in the trap!

i origionaly had a pair of the cyber snipa sonar 5.1's

surround sound headphones are such a gimmic, i finaly bought a pair of audi otechnica ATH-M50's. and oh my god..... its amazing. not to mention with good sterio headphones, you get just as much 'surround' feeling as the 5.1 headphones.

Yep so true mate, Im glad you found the light.


Actual 5.1 headphones like them have extremely cheap and poor drivers, compared to a good set of stereo headphones (good as in, not 'Corsiar' or 'Razor' lol) are extremely bad and lack bass, quality, pretty much everything compared.

There is also allot of "5.1" headphones made by PC pherephial companies, all these are is just normal crappy stereo headphones with a cheap USB soundcard that does virtual surround.


All you need to do to get a very good surround sound effect on your high quality Stereo headphones is to put on the 5.1 or 7.1 vitrual surround on your soundcard.... I have the cheap $25 Xonar DG in one of my systems and its surround is excellent.