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New HDD problem with hole placement


New large HDDs have different bottom hole placement. My PC only has bottom mounts for hard drives, and i can only get 2 screws in and not hold it very securely at all. I was wondering if there was any adapters maybe? or should i just Duct tape it in place or if anyone had any other ideas.


Can you drill some more holes in the bracket?


i don’t think there is room. There is barely room for the power and sata cables before hitting the side of the case as is. I could maybe move it forward a little, but not enough to have all 4 holes on the mounting bracket.


Huh, I guess HDD manufacturers decided to flip ppl the bird with this… and by now they would have made many MILLIONS of drives with the new placement.

As Reddit suggested, I’m sure the two holes will be fine.
You might try two folds of duct tape along the bracket’s other side to reduce vibration noise, or something similar, but not essential.


i mean, if i recall correctly, pretty sure vibration is very bad for hdds… so not happy with 2 screws holding it in place. i ended up duct taping it quite a bit.