New harddrive won't work

I got a new 1tb hardrive and I cloned my old hdd to my new one. I have no idea what happen or what I did. All i wanted was to put the files in my old hardrive into my new one. Now i dont' understand whats going on. I need help with this. Any reply is appreciated.

No expert but looks like it worked? apart from not seeing a windows sign on the new drive , have you rebooted and set the new drive in the bios?

What's the issue? I don't think I've ever cloned a drive I just compress what I need and copy what I want over before doing a fresh install of windows

The red is just there because you don't have much room left on the drive, but it should still be fine...

I wanted everything transfer over to my new hdd and get rid of my old harddrive. I thought I could do that but cloning and disconnecting my old harddrive.

I can't disconnect my old hdd and boot from my new hdd. The new hdd isn't bootable. When I disconnected my old hdd and try to boot with the new one, all i got the "bootmgr is missing"

Well then simply install windows onto your new drive while the old drive is unattached, and when that's all done just hook up your old drive, choose the new one as the boot drive, and copy your files from there

I'd also suggest you partition your drive to get some more performance and make it easier to reinstall windows, keeping your OS on a small primary partition and your other data on a secondary one

Yeah, I disconnected my old hardrive and try booting with the new one. The computer booted but it was still showing my old hardrive even though it was disconnected. So i went to the bios to boot my new harddrive from there and all I got was a error messege: "bootmgr is missing"

How would install windows on my new drive? I would need to buy a new copy of windows. I don't have spares

Um, well, ya know, there are certainly a number of ways to obtain windows...I mean, it was already on your other drive so....

I thought I moved windows and everything else when I cloned it. It shows it on the random e drive. But windows wont boot with my new hard drive

I don't think cloning always works 100%, I'm sure if you're resourceful with google you'll find a way to install windows onto your new drive.

I think there's also the option to still use the Windows 10 Insider stuff for less illicit means of obtaining windows.

I'm not really sure how partitions or cloning work in windows, or if this is applicable at all, but in linux, if you clone the whole hard disk, the partition table will copy over, and won't be updated to take into account the new space on the new hard disk. Maybe if you repartition the new disk, then just copy over everything.