New hard drive?

i have 2 gigs left lol and im having to deal with it till i get a new hard drive. most of the space is taken up by games music and movies and im not gonna delete anything to make space, il need a new hard drive sooner or later. any way i dont know know if i should get external or internal? ppl say external can slow down your computer tho. i dont know what do get. any sugestions? im thinkin around 400gigs or more? but try to keep the price under $100

i'd get an external. it'll live longer since your not running it every time your comp boots

Try [url=]this[/url] it is a 1 terabyte drive so you should not run out of space very fast :)

oh maybe i will not sure tho il have to look into both of them

is that one good savage? its only 90?? thats cheap! =O

western digital caviar black

yeah but that other one is only 90?

there is less cache.. so it wont be as fast, but its your decision

The general consensus, though, is that the Hitachis aren't as reliable as the WDs or Seagates(firmware probs aside). or you should do raid 0.

So many new members in a single thread :O

idk i have the same ishue i have a 160gb and only got 20gb left

tsrichter24 wrote 1 hour ago »

is that one good savage? its only 90?? thats cheap! =O

it works just fine, my school uses them in our media lab, I should know, as I am the one who installed them

EDIT: The WD drives are good to, but over your budget, however they are faster, because they have double the cache

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So many new members in a single thread :O

lol I just look new, I got tired of my old name so I made a new account