New Hard Drive for Laptop?

Hey everyone, well i heard the ominous click click of death from my hard drive and lo and behold a few minutes later the computer freezes/crashes. Ive tried messing around with it and trying to get it back but to no avail. Now im wondering would be a good replacement hard drive for my laptop im going to uni soon and would think getting an SSD would be the better choice for me but i would like to have the large space of a mechanical hard drive. I have an HP pavillion dv6-6047 cl

I'd liked to find a 1TB mechnical hard drive for my laptop for less than $100 or the most GB and cost effective SSD for less than $150. If you guys are able to find me links i would prefer ones from fry's or microcenter since i plan on getting it asap as I sorta desperately need it soon.

Hopefully you guys are able to recommend me a few good hard drives to choose from.

~Thanks, Lazyaznrcicle


bang for buck this is the best one

the benchmarks always seem to go up instead of down...