New GTX670-DC2T-2GD5 no video signal



Hi from Argentina!

I have a problem ... Yesterday I bought asus gtx 670 direct cu ii and it dos not send video signal.

Onboard video works fine
old card works fine
so the pcie x16 and x8 are working the hdmi cable its working...

System specs

Mother asus maximus v gene 
8GB ram Ripjaws 2300mhz
Psu cooler master gx 750 w bronze 
Cpu i5 3570k (no overclok ..) 
Cooler master v8 
Case sentey Arvina GS 6400. ...

i have erased all previous drivers with driver sweeper after uninstalling all drivers from the old board (ati 57570) but nothing happened

I put the board in slot pciex 16 and pcie x8 and nothing ... (clarified i put the 2 6 pin connectors and the LEDs are lit in green) mother boots perfectly...

did a clear cmos
checked on bios to start up using pcie, but nothing happens
did a bios update but i don't know if i must do it 1 by 1 or just instal the latest?
Did ram clear, tried with 1 and the 2 sticks but nothing happens 

plz help me !! excuse my bad english i use google translate =) thanks

You can install the latest BIOs no problem. Have you tried manually setting your PC to send the video output to the new card? Not sure what your native language is if its Spanish i also speak spanish if that will help.

Si hablo español, ya intente de todo puse q bootee desde el pci e pero no pasa nada actualice bios borre todo driver referente a video, y nada... parece q la placa esta fallada ya q windows inicia correctamente pero no hay señal de video...

Dicen muchas forums que tienes que prenderla VGA a DVI primero sino no funsiona. Despues baja los drivers i puedes cambiar a tu preferencia.

gracias ahora funciono!! Genius!!

Con lo que te dije? De nada :D

Que la disfrutes!

gracias !! al final lo mas simple era el problema XD deberia haber empezado por ahi!