New GTX 980 notebooks - Prices? Lauch date?

So a couple of new notebooks that carry actual GTX980s in them were announced recently.
Have there been any official statements on the prices? If not, how much do you estimate they'll be and why?

Also, have there been announcements about the date of release?

I think that this is one of the times when if you have to ask how much it will cost, you can't afford it.

Look at prices for 980m laptops. More than that. Likely over $2000.

Well, I'd be willing to pay $2500.
So yeah, the GPU will make it more expensive obviously, there are more factors, though: Skylake CPU, expensive cooling, crazy battery that delivers enough power and a PSU to charge that thing.

no one?

they're going to be $2000 plus dollars. i personally wouldn't bother with it. they are a big ass waste of money.

I think there are some interesting use cases for these. My friend will be picking one up when he takes off to college. So that he can have one machine for all his needs. The quad core cpu will be enough to do everything he needs, and then if he wants to go back to his dorm and game, he can do that.

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Is there no one who can estimate the price more precisely? And also the launch date?

@Kat For some people a computer in general is a big ass waste of money. While for some people a portable GTX 980 rig is what they want or need. As a big traveler, gamer, programmer, video editor, 3D modeler and enthusiast I can tell you this is kind of a rig is plain necessary for me to do my work in a reasonable amount of time. You have no idea what you are talking about.

The only disadvantages I see are the battery which is not removable and only lasts ~4 hours for surfing and ~1 hour for gaming. And the the amount of display output ports (2-3 ports)... and the built in screen's panel technology.

They were just announced, it wont be some time till you see them for sale, they will most likely be in the $2,500+ range.

Display outputs is not a problem as long as it is a displayport output, you can just use a hub to run multiple monitors and DP can be changed into HDMI or DVI.

I too am looking at the possibility of picking one up (unlikely but thinking) for the reason sometimes I don't want to sit at my desk and do work/game and I could easily replace my desktop with a powerful laptop with a displayport hub.

Why do you think the battery will be non removable these aren't phones even apple can have replacement battery. granted you have to take the bottom off of some of them so "swapping out on the road" probably isn't a thing. what we need is like qualcomm quick charge.

It was mentioned in an article. I think it was a statement of msi. (Believe mne, I was outweirded by that, too.)
Not sure why they did it, but I bet it is related to the fact that the battery placement is super important in the case to not block any airflow or heat up any processors.
And it may also be related to the fact that the battery has to deliver soo much power.
Or maybe the battery is just too big to make it modular.

Turns out the article about the non-removable battery and the battery life time was about a 980M notebook of msi... sorry for that..

Price? a lot.
Launch? somewhat soon.

Its a stupid idea to put a 170w TDP gpu in a laptop. Gaming vise laptop screens are sup bar, and the battery life while gaming is unusable.

Its cheaper to buy a normal laptop and build a desktop with the same performance.

Why don't people like you just die..

Whoa dude, no need to go off, He has a valid point.

Just relax a bit.

People like me do die so...

Anyways you're never going to find a notebook with a GTX 980 in it as a notebook is small, slim and lightweight.

If you're not bothered by what burdens a laptop like that brings then go ahead, there is a reason they exist, people obviously want them so they're made.
The only argument that can be said about anything computer related is more or less "I want it because reasons." which is totally fine.

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Just read post #7, I already said I have a lot of reasons to buy this and I could give you even more.
So if something is "stupid" here, then it is close-minded people like you.
I hate that "I don't understand it so it must be stupid"-attitude.

According to PCper it will be $3099...