New Graphics card?

So I have a Asus D Cu II Gtx 660ti and I'm thinking of changing to a Card to a newer one. 

I want to maxout every game and at least get 60 fps.  The card is gonna be used for gaming and budget is 500 dollars. 

Should I change or stay with the current specs?.

Current Specs:

Intel I5 3570k.

Asus Gtx 660ti. 

16 Gig of Ram 1833Mhz.

Asus P8z77-M .

Mouse Random Logitech.

Keyboard Corsair Vengeance k60. 

Monitor Lg E2242t. 

PSU 950W bronze. 

Keep Up the good work. See you later TekSyndicate team. Sorry for the bad English, not my nativ language.


unless you're playing at 4k or something you should be maxing out everything and getting more than 30 fps now

If you really wanted something high end sell your 660ti and get a gtx780 or a 7990 for about $600.  Other wise the gtx 770 and the 7970 are good choices.  I would wait another 2-3 week though and see what AMD comes out with and see how it affects the prices of other cards and maybe you will want to buy one of the hd9000 instead.

Maybe look into 2 7950?

Sorry I post 30 fps I ment 60( Already edit). I think the best is to wait a month or two. Right?

Ya maybe post a new topic when the new AMD cards come out