New graphics card

Hi, i am currently looking for a new gfx card, mainly for gaming. But i am currently doing a Crysis let's play and i need a new card for making rendering faster. I am looking for a Nvidia Card. but i don't know what to get :( HELP ANYONE


What card do you have now and what is your max budget?

4 titans

or post your budget and system specs (specificer the better on the psu) so you can get an actual reccomendation

right now i have a 7970 ghz, i would say in Dollars i have probably around 200-400 doller for a gfx cards as budget

catch a 770 on sale, or buy another 7970 and crossfire them.

Just about now i have a Corsair CX750M or something like that, but i am going to buy an AX1200i soon as i can afford it