New Graphics card?

Hey guys I was just watching the video review of the HIS radeon 7870 iceq card and thats about my price range. But It is fairly old. I want to upgrade my graphics card (along with almost my whole computer) within the next year. Im running your $350 dollar build with a few of my own tweaks. I have a 450 watt psu and a different case. The parts I want to get are listed here

cpu - amd fx-8120 Zambezi 3.1 ghz 8 core

Mobo - biostar ta970 am3+

gpu - not sure

If I run all this with a decent gpu (lets just say the 7870) will I need a new psu? Is this a good setup? Id like to keep this setup around 600. What is the best card for under $300 dollars?

It totally depends on how good that 450 watt psu is.. If it is some bargain basement PSU I wouldn't advise it at all.

As for the CPU you're much better off getting something like a 6350 as they are around the same price at the minute and the 6350 has considerably better single threaded performance.

For the GPU the 7870 is definitely a solid choice and age doesn't really matter as it is still in the 7000 series of cards, however if you are planning on doing it later this year, the 8000/9000 series and all of the 700 series cards will be out so you'd be better off getting a last gen on sale or a brand new one.

The psu is 80+ and runs great. Thanks for the advice. Love the community here!