New Graphics Card Conundrum

Hello everybody. I am in the market for a new GPU and have a bit of a problem. Currently I have one Asus Amd Radeon HD 7790. It runs games good but I need more FPS. I have been looking at two options. (Also if my current GPU is taken out of the system I will be able to trade it in for a PS3 slim, so please keep that in mind) So option one is wallet friendly and involves me buying one more 7790 and putting the two in cx. However, if I were to splurge, I would intrested in the evga gtx 780 sc. Or do you guys have any other options. At this point I don't really want to spend more than 550 so please no titan recomdations. Thank you all!

Msi gaming r9 290s are $510 here. If you can find one, they're top notch. If not the evga 780 sc is an excellent card. 

If your system can accommodate the 780, that would be the best solution. Though, it would be very costly. I think that the more appropriately priced 760 or AMD equivalent would be kinder to your wallet, but give a satisfactory performance improvement over the 7790. Dual GPUs often have problems, and crossfiring two low end GPUs is going to have its problems. Not every game is kind to dual GPU configurations.