New Graphic Card &/or Battelfield 4

Hey every one ! I got a god damn hard question ! 

I'm going to sell my old PC for 275€ => 367,26 $ US and, my problem is :

I want to buy BF4, but i've got a GTX 660 Ti No SC from EVGA with 2Gb clocked at a little bit more than 1GHz (almost 1090/1100) and EA says that i need " Recomended " 3Gb :

Recommended requirements:

WINDOWS 8 64-BIT <= Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bits
INTEL QUAD-CORE CPU <= i5-3550 OC at 3.9 GHz
8 GB     <= Hahaha ! Got 32 Gbs of Kingston Hyper Blu X at 1600Mhz (4 sticks in Dual Channel)
3 GB   <= Got 2 :/
30 GB  <= I'm fine Kingston SSD V 300 120 Gbs & Seagate 750 GB HDD

So i want to know what i need to do ! :

-Buy a bigger graphic card, like a GTX 660 Ti or more with 3Gbs of memory ??


-But another GTX 660 Ti ? Knowing that they are hard to find and expensive because nVidia stopped this model

Hope some one can help me, best regards !



PS : My i5-3550 got HD Graphics 2500, so, i "can" use it BUT, i make my PC crashes & stuff when i install Intel HD Graphics Drivers

I run BF4 on my msi gtx 660 ti at near 60 fps at ultra settings with 2xmsaa. The game will probably get updates plus driver updates so the game might run at 60 fps later in the lifespan of BF4. If that performance is good enough for you, stick with the card!

Wow, exactly same card, thanks a lot bro ! :D

No problem:)

Alright what I said before is actually false. The maps I was playing on weren't too demanding. My average fps on the most demanding of maps are around 45 fps with everything on ultra and 2xmsaa. However as I said before, BF4 just came out and it's release was extremely buggy. Dice is probably gonna optimize the game better but I just wanted to tell you about my updated fps findings. Sorry if this was an inconvenience to you. 

If you want a instant FPS bump, disable anything AA. 

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Please next time put your questions  where they belong, just to keep it clean ☺

Grtz Angel☺

P.s 60 fps on ultra steady through the whole game, im doubting. i would recommend a R9-280X. or better.

This depends on your monitor's resolution and the visual settings you are trying to achieve.

At 1080p, 3 GB of VRAM isn't really needed.  Just turn down some settings and you'll be fine.  Here are a few settings that you can turn down in order to gain a nice boost in FPS.

  • Motion blur
  • Lighting
  • Effects
  • Post Process
  • Terrain (both options)
  • Antialiasing (the deferred option has the greatest effect on FPS; try 2x MSAA)
  • Ambient Occlusion (huge effect on FPS; turn it down)

You don't have to turn them completely off.  Just knock 'em down a notch or two.  Afterwards, check your FPS and see which settings work best for you.

If you want all the eye candy, then adding another GTX 660 Ti may be a solid option.  I would look around on Ebay if possible.  It doesn't have to be the same exact card.  So long as it is a 2 GB GTX 660 Ti it should work just fine with your other card.  You'll need to make sure that your motherboard and PSU can handle the second 660 Ti though.

You could also sell your current 660 Ti and your old PC, combine the money, and get something like the GTX 780 or a R9 290 (wait for non-reference).

Here's a few links to some 660 Ti's...

And here's quite a few on Ebay.  Pretty solid prices in comparison to the ones I listed above.

As has been stated, a 660ti should handle the game just fine on high settings, but if you want more power, you could get one of these:

It will outperform your current GPU by a good margin (~50% faster), and it comes with BF4 "free". Once BF4 gets patched to support Mantle, I would almost expect to see that thing running at a constant 60 fps at 1080p, all settings maxed.

Also, just out of curiosity, why do you have 300 bucks worth of RAM and 200 bucks worth of GPU?

Well if you buy a new AMD card you will get bf4 with it.... *They must be purchased from a participating retailer beginning November 13th*