So I am looking for a new GPU, from looking at reviews of nvidia GTX series, I have heard multiple times that certain gpus work better with certain resolutions, normally 1080p my question is 1366x768, and when I change to 1920x1080 the quality looks terrible, so my res seems to be the most appropriate, but would a graphics card such as the GTX 970, work well with my res? please help im confused :?

What is the native resolution of the screen, changing this can make quality worse. ie a 720p screen but you force the game to run in 1080p.

yeah the native res is 1366x768

Then you run games at that rez not above. unless you are using DSR tech from nvidia.

yeah games run perfect on that res, and look good, but my question is, do I buy a gpu that works well with the 1080 res? I was looking at buying the GTX 970, or am I mistaken and res doesnt make a difference?

Correct it doesn't matter to a point, ie buying a 980 would be throwing money away unless you are going to upgrade the screen later.

You can use any card at any rez that it supports, it's just a matter of spending $500 for a video card to run a game at a lower rez, would be like buying a viper just to get food from the store. it works but its overkill.

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A GPU is only as good as the display it's driving.

I play games such as Battlefield, Minecraft, Counter Strike and a few more, I was looking at buying the 970

It will work, but Amd might have something cheaper that preforms at the level of the 970. I don't know amd lineup so i can't answer for that.

But by buying a high end graphics card now, if I ever want to play games that are more intense, then my computer is prepared, e.g. witcher 3

because I do plan on playing more games, that may be more intense on my gpu

Running a game at higher res should make it look better? To a certain extent? Instead of doing things like AA or whatever, it's upscaling then downscaling, making edges look softer and perhaps more natural.

What is the rest of your build? What do you currently have in terms of hardware? Once again, if you have Pentium and want a 970, then you are throwing money at it for no noticeable benefit.

Do some Googling please. This sounds like uninformed babble.

My CPU is a AMD FX 8350 8 cores, 8gb of ram, 1 tb

And your current GPU...?

Don't buy a 970 if your running a 1366x768 monitor. You'd be buying a graphics card that is overkill for your monitor. Do some actual research. This really sounds uninformed.

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amd radeon 5700 HD

So do you have any recommendations for a monitor with the res like mine? most that I have seen seem to be 1920x1080

I would probably suggest something like the GTX 760 if you wanted to go Nvidia for 720p gaming. 970 is pretty much slaughter for that resolution.

I appreciate it, I will look into it

I don't understand why someone would want to purposefully purchase a 1366x768 monitor, if they are even made anymore.

Do your research, please. Nothing you've said made any real sense, again, uninformed babble.