Hey all

I am in the market for a new GPU. I currently have a 7970 and find its starting to show its age by getting really hot and noisy along with not being able to max out some of the newer more graphics intense games. What do you guys think is a good GPU that will be cool and max things out. I'm thinking the 980? Also I wont be getting it for a few months. Is there anything coming out soon worth the time?

On another note I am running the FX-8350. Hows it holding up these days with the new GPUs? any bottlenecking? I like the GPU a lot so I want to keep it if I get a new card.


Its hot and noisy now and wasnt before? Its probably dusty, you should clean it...

The 8350 is basicly still the strongest amd cpu, there are just a few higher clocked versions of the same chip around now. 

The 980 is maybe 40% faster than a 7970/280x, not exactly worth spending over half a grand. The 970 is about 30% faster for about 340$, r9 290 around 25% faster for 280$, another 280x around 200.

Not exactly enough to warrent an upgrade jet in my opinion, the 300 amd series should be out in a few months (20 nm and with water coolers), probably with something around the 980 or slightly faster. After that Nvidia will most likely drop prices maybe release a 980 ti.

Well I did clean it. But it was always a super noisy card for some reason. Its just more noisy and hot. Hopfully maybe somthing new will come out before the Witcher 3 that will give me a good boost in graphics performance. For now my needs are met.