Hey all,

I am currently looking for a GPU in the 400-600 USD price range. (A bit over and under is alright)

I want to be able to drive my new 1440p monitor (27") with decent frame rates on nearly every game, "decent frame rates" meaning over 30 and preferably 60 or higher. I will also have 2 other monitors that are used for multitasking hooked up to it, I only game on a single monitor. Another thing I would like is the ability to get a playable frame rate on my modded Skyrim, which is fairly close to what Logan has. I also want it to be quiet.

So basically, I want a high-end gaming GPU.

If there is one that can fit these specs at around 400 USD then I will be quite happy.

I am currently using a Radeon HD 7950 (It is a nice card) that will most likely be sent to my friend's build, when I get around to purchasing a new card.

I was thinking about the MSI Twin Frozr cooler for the card. Cards I am thinking about are the GTX 780 and the R9 290X.

Please provide your input.

EDIT: I do not mind having a 2.5 or 3 slot card as I will only be using one. A metal plate on the PCB is preferred.

EDIT 2: Looks like the sapphire Vapor X 290 wins! (Or MSI Frozr 290, depending on the circumstances)

7950 is a capable card at 1440p. The 780 and R9 290 are the sweet spot. The MSI TF cooler is one of the better coolers, and it is quite affordable.

Is it? I guess I will have to give it a test when the monitor arrives.

i Second the 290, I recommend Sapphires Vapor-X it comes with a Metal Black Plate and its the very few that actually keep the card cool. plus you get 3 free games and it's an excellent 1440p card.

Hm. How is the sound? (Or is that the same card the Tek Syndicate reviewed a few days/weeks ago?)

Pretty much the same card/cooler. It is incredibly quiet.

Really only have to worry about temps and noise with the reference coolers. Most of the non reference cards are decently cool and quiet but that Sapphire is excellent.

+1 very impressed by how quit they are!

I would crossfire with a Msi TF r9 280 that will yield better performance than the 290 or 780