New GPU what to get?

i was looking to get Msi r9 390 GPU...but that shit sold out the every where what is the best one to get now? R9 390 only plz thx

Both the Gigabyte Windforce 2X and PowerColor PCS+ are still on Newegg, and honestly it's a toss up. I trust both companies, and both coolers. They are both built on the stock AMD PCB, so you won't be seeing any fancy additions to the VRM componants or VRAM.

Gigabyte comes clocked higher out of the box, but their software is garbage. Doesn't effect the card's performance. Cooler is shorter.

PowerColor comes clocked lower. They strapped a much beefier cooler onto the card, making it longer and heavier. They also add a large heatsink for the VRM, and a dedicated contact plate for the VRAM that is a bit larger than Gigabyte's. Card comes with essentially no software besides drivers.

I'd go for the Gigabyte on the advertised features, despite some of the shortcomings. The PowerColor would be a good choice if you have a very large case and wanted more cooling for the card, but it is slower out of the box. (Though not by much.)

Pick what you want, you can't really go wrong with those manufacturers.

Gigabyte, powercolor, asus strix.

I can vouch for the strix cooler, I have a Fury with the exact same cooler on it and its quiet.

Get the one with the longest warranty, or matches the colour of your build. Personally I like to go for Sapphire as they are the closest AMD partner.

thx guys

STRIX is good.. Sapphire if you do not have to RMA is fantastic because they are to AMD and EVGA is to Nvidia... Powercolor is great for modding a liquid cooler onto it as they do not care. As far as silence goes I think the Strix has the others beat if only by a margin