New GPU Suggestions for my current build

So basically my 550 ti is SOOOO not cutting it for much these days, any suggestions for something to replace it? Really just want to play GTA V at 60 fps & Elite Dangerous.

Current build:

What sort of budget are you working with?

No more than 300 most likely

I'm sure you could find the benchmarks for those games on the 970, and I'm positive you'd be running a nice stable 60 fps in most everything at 1080p at high and even very high or ultra depending. :) If you wanted to go team Red for a little cheaper and maybe even a bit better performance

Cheer man! Hope that helps!

Those are US prices though

380 4gb $279 CAD

the 380x just launched but I'm not sure if it would really be worth the extra 40 dollars

Think I'll go with the 970, spend a bit more but make it last longer. Will be nice to get awesome fps in everything.

970 is not worth it. It has gimped DX12 support, it has not enough Vram issues...
For new system 970 is not worth it...
390 should be similarly priced, it have similar performance in DX11 and outperforms 970 in DX12, sometimes outperforms 980 in DX12... It will last you way longer... You may want to look at that...