New GPU or wait?

Hi guys I've recently upgraded my processor from an fx-4170 to an 8350 and feel like I might upgrade my GPU aswell, probably to an r9 270x. Would this be a good time to do it? Or should I wait to see what new GPU's are released?
My current GPU is the gtx 560ti, thanks guys 

I'd say go for it but the nvidia 700 and upper 600 series have many many more benefits than the new hawaii amd gpus. What is your ideal price point?

£150 - £200 plus the reason I chose amd is because my mobo doesn't support sli, so I could eventually put in 2 gpus when one gets slow, to save money

What mobo? 

Upgrading to the 8350 would have me more concerned with your motherboard, to be honest. I would recommend upgrading the motherboard with a suitable power delivery for the 8350, which lower cost, lower chipset motherboards usually lack.


Is that the EVO model? Or the standard M5A97?

A 670 would suit your needs well and would run excellently.

My motherboards running the 8350 fine..... The m5a97 has a tpd (for CPUs) at 140w

Standard m5a97

It has nothing to do with the TDP. TDP is thermal design power. That's heat dissipation, and not related to my power delivery concerns.


The M5A97 has a 4 + 2 power phase design. That's not enough. And while you can use it, it certainly isn't ideal.

I'm not being "elitist" here. There are enough people here who will tell you exactly the same thing. I really would advise upgrading the motherboard before you burn it out.

I haven't got the money to do so at the minute, If I upgraded the motherboard I'd have to wait a couple of

Motherboard concerns > graphics.

I mean, it is your choice. The ROG AM3+ has a 8+2 power phase design, the M5A97 EVO has a 6+2.

You M5A97 has a 4+1, and may not last before you eventually upgrade your motherboard.

It really is your decision to risk it. I'm just giving advice that I think may be of some interest to you. A suitable motherboard will set you back a lot less than a GPU. Shouldn't take you too long to upgrade your 560ti, matey.

The M5A97 has a 4 + 2 power phase design.....

Thanks for the advice though, I'll have to take it into consideration

That's a typo. I clearly stated above that it was a 4+2 power phase in an earlier comment. Whichever way you want to look at it by trying to undermine what I have told you, 4+2 still isn't enough for the 8350.

Anyway, tried to give you advice. You don't want to take it. Happy new year.

but if you wouldn't mind, go and google what I have told you, and check for yourself.

Disregard some of the sarcasm in my last comment, I thought you were being rude.

Best of luck with it, I don't want your system to break. I was just being careful to carefully scrutinise everything in your interest. If you want SLI capability I am sure you will consider a motherboard in the future. Whenever you get some mullah.

Take care, man

I wasn't sure which one was a typo, but I was glad that you gave me the info so it doesn't cost me more in the long run. looks like I'll be looking around for a new motherboard before I focus on the GPU then :) thanks for the consideration, and not just leaving me until my motherboard gave way haha. Apparently the Sabretooth 990fx is a good moBo though!

I have seen this price around £60:

That's the cheapest motherboard in the UK that'll sort you out. £60 still leaves you with quite a bit of money for an up-to-date GPU. There's at least one 7870 GHz that is £120-130.

The later revision of the Sabertooth is recommended. Same with the M5A99X, which is the bigger brother to the M5A97.

Like I said earlier, you can google this information and see the same things that I have shared with you.

Thanks! I may have to just get myself one of those m5a97 evo's if that's all it costs :) at least it'll keep my system alive! Would you recommend the 7870 as an upgrade from my 560ti also?